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First of all, I'm happy you came here. On my page miranamflow you can learn more about Soul Motion®, Kundalini Yoga, meditation, upcoming workshops and regular Soul Motion® classes.

On my blog or videoblog I would like to get to the bottom of all the questions and answers what this has to do with our every daily life, how we will become more open to this flow of life and how we can surrender more in all that. 


If you are curious and want to be informed about new workshop dates or courses, just sign up for my newsletter below and I will keep you informed.


I look forward to this experience together with you! 

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I will send you a one-hour guided Soul Motion® playlist every week for the next three weeks. So you will have the opportunity to move, to dance, to get new energy and find your centre and grounding again and again. 


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conscious dance practice. 

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