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about me

Hi, I am Mira and I have been a dancer since I was 14. Today I know that my passion to dance has been beginningless and that I actually arrived dancing on planet earth. And I also know that there is a dancer in every one. 


For many years my dance moved and circled around the urban dance styles Hip-Hop and House, which I used to dance and still dance, as well as I taught. 

At a Soul Motion® Retreat in Costa Rica I was completely thrown off track and I discovered a completely new universe of dance - at least for myself.

I immediately realized that Soul Motion® is my body‘s wisdom and the calling of my soul. 

In the same year I began my Soul Motion® training in the US and since 2019 I am a certified Soul Motion ® teacher.

I travel with the dance around the world, gather my experiences and I am grateful to be able to share my passion with many people. 


I am also a Kundalini Yoga teacher, creative idea creator, film-maker, artist and a lot more.

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Just as I return more and more to myself - like an onion peeling layer by layer to the core - by observing, recognizing, letting go - this is also reflected in the name "miranamflow". There is a lot of truth and essence in it. 







That is my name (Mira Anna-Maria), which my parents gave me and with which I came into this world the 2nd of June 1983.

My name has many wonderful meanings. 

Here are a few of them:

In Latin it means "wonderful", "the miraculous"

In Spanish, Mira means „look"

In Greek, it's „fate"

The Russian translation is "peace"

In Sanskrit, it means „ocean"

In Kurdish it means "princess"





"Anam" is the Celtic word for soul. I came across this word during my Soul Motion® teacher training in the US in connection with "Anam Cara", which means "soul friend". "Cara" means friend.

In the Celtic tradition, an "Anam Cara" is a friend with whom you can


share everything - without any masks and free of any kind of judgement. 

It's a soul-connection that goes far beyond space and time. 

(Read more about it in John O'Donohue's book "Anam Cara").





Sat Nam is the mantra of inner truth and a well known one in Kundalini Yoga.

"Sat" stands for the truth and "Nam" means name or identity. "True identity", "Truth is my name", "I am truth". It is the truth of the soul. For example, if we greet each other with Sat Nam, it means "I see your true nature“.


"Let us purify ourselves with truth, these are vibrations. The words I can tell you: Sat Nam. Sat represents truth; Nam represents personified. It means the spirit of that creative God, the cosmos, stands personified through these vibrations. It is not a big thing. But to chant it is not a muttering. It is an electro-physical process through which this energy is made to circulate. That is the key, there is no big thing about it." 

-Yogi Bhajan 6/14/79





The first person singular in the present tense for "to be". The English word for "sein". "I am". And the simplest form to summarize all that was written before.






To be in flow means to me being with all that what is. To accept and welcome and embrace everything - what and how life is in every moment.

It wasn't always like that for me. And based on some circumstances in my life, flow has been a challenge for me several times. Dancing, especially Soul Motion®, yoga, meditation, mindful listening and being with what is has given the term "flow" a completely new meaning to me.

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