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Kundalini Yoga


In 1968 Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini Yoga to the West in order to give people a powerful tool that helps to create a balanced relationship between body, mind and soul. He presented people a way to experience a more joyful life, more health and consciousness - oriented to the needs of today's society and world.

Kundalini Yoga is also called the Yoga of consciousness. It is a science and works on the 7 chakras, the halo and the aura

(the 8th chakra). 

You learn to control, experience and balance your energy. 

Often dynamic or flowing sequences of exercises are practiced alongside with calm holding exercises. Pranayama, mantras and meditations are also part of this practice. The life energy is brought into flow and besides the physical effectiveness the intuition becomes more and more stronger.


Kundalini Yoga is about making your own experiences, awakening your creative potential, expanding your consciousness and broaden your understanding and knowledge of your existence in relation to the universe and to oneness.


Yogi Bhajan:

"The Kundalini is already inside of you and a part of you. It is a boundless power that represents the essence of your consciousness. It will unfold in you. You have already been created that way. - with the kundalini energy. It is a natural gift that you usually do not use."

"Kundalini Yoga is the power of the soul. The Kundalini energy is your awakened identity."

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