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Soul Motion®


Soul Motion® is our body‘s wisdom. A wisdom that can be expressed by the tiniest movement up to the dance - and everything in between. Soul Motion® opens the space for everything that is there in that very moment. It enables us to listen and to sense what our body is telling us, opens our heart and connects us to our soul. 

A concious dance practice, founded and created by Vincent Arjuna Martínez-Grieco, that reminds us of our own truth - in every moment again and again, it grounds and centers us and it helps us to find our balance.


In contact with yourself, with others and with everything that is and that is there. 

Soul Motion® is about integrating what we experience on the dance floor into our everyday lives. 

Everyone is welcome. No matter what age or bodily condition. Your body knows what is available.

You can also have a look on the official Soul Motion® Website:

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